Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We found this bottle when cleaning out a crawl space under a house. (That's part of our job with our business)

It got tossed in the back of the truck, missed when we cleaned out the truck, put into the garage with the next bunch of stuff cleaned out of the truck, slipped into a box of stuff taken into the house to be sorted, put through the dishwasher by my 10 yo son, and found again by me!

Now any sane person would promptly throw it out!  But, I felt sorry for it!  I mean it went through a lot to survive.  So I decided to see what I could do with it.

I glued ribbon around the bottle.  Then I turned to clipart again and printed on cream cardstock.  Cut the image and mat with my oval nesties and attached with glue dots.

Filled the bottle with sand.  The final touch was a couple of flower stems from my stash in the basement.

I wanted a Pooh bathroom and was discouraged with the juvenile offerings commercially.
This is the perfect solution.

This is my bathroom so far.

Hope you enjoyed the little journey with my bottle.

Scrapper Candy

Monday, November 8, 2010


Seeing as how my daughter and I share a craftroom I thought it only fitting that she should share my blog too.
So, here is her first blog entry!

Scrapbooking is not just for books!

I bought these framed prints over a year ago with the intentions of altering them to decorate my bathroom.

At the time I was not picturing Disney at all, but after a fall trip last year I decided to decorate my bathroom in Disney.  These framed prints were $6.00 each at Big Lots.

I wanted to stamp and color images but could not find what I wanted.  So, I ended up with clipart images.

I printed several images on plain paper to get my sizing where I wanted it.

I printed the images on cream cardstock for a more vintage feel.

Next I carefully removed the liner and backing from the frames.  Being careful not to cut myself!

Next I created my insert and clipart and simply used my ATG to adhere it over the store print.
Added some bling.

I put it back together and TADA, custom artwork on a dime.

After being at Disney for 10 days I didn't see any small prints similar to this and if I had I guarantee they would have been much more than $6.00!

I hope this has inspired you to look at those garage sale, thrift store or dollar store home accents in terms of what it could be.

Hope you enjoyed this.  I'll be posting more tomorrow.

Scrapper Candy